Vietnamese Vowels

learn vIETNAMESE vowels

This video teaches you how to pronounce all the Vietnamese vowels. If you have time and eager to learn all the vowels in one lesson, click to the link on the left. If you want to learn a bit at a time, go down to the videos below. There are 9 lessons which are about 1 minute each.

Start and keep your pace!

This link is for you to test your Vietnamese vowels. Only do it when you are ready for testing.

9 lessons for learning vowels

All the lessons are structured in an order that makes it easy for learners to follow. We recommend you to take them in order.


An Introduction to the Vietnamese Alphabet and Vietnamese Vowels


Vowels that SOUND similar

ơ – â


Vowels that SOUND similar

a - ă


Vowels that SOUND similar

u - ô - o


Vowels that sound the same

i - y


Vowels that LOOK similar

u – ư


Vowels that LOOK similar

e – ê


Vowels that LOOK similar

o - ô - ơ


Vowels that LOOK similar

a - ă- â

test your vietnamese vowels